Talks and Posters

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Helmholtz AI virtual conference - April, 2021

Presented a poster virtually over about ongoing research work using Graph Neural Networks and also had nice opportunity discussing and learning about work ranging from advances in AI for medical science to remote-sensing.

EHEP Lab (IISER Mohali) Meetup - February, 2021

Meetup of all the current and past researchers/students who have worked with Dr. Satyajit Jena over the years.

Spring Collaboration Meeting - 2021

Summary of my talk in IceCube Collaboration, at Virtual Spring Meeting 2021.

DPG (German Physical Society) Spring Meeting 2021

An overview talk of ongoing PhD-work, given to a national-wide meeting of researchers working in the area of Particle-Physics, Radiation and Medical Physics, Accelerator Physics and Modern IT and Artificial Intelligence.

Skype A Scientist - Story of the Universe and the IceCube Observatory

An Outreach talk given to fourth-graders at Campbell Elementary School, U.S.A.; teaching them about astronomy and telling them about IceCube Observatory in Antarctica and showing some really beautiful photos.

Fall Collaboration meeting - 2020

Summary of my talk in IceCube Collaboration, at Virtual Fall Meeting 2020 .