The Science Cloud – Towards a Research Data Ecosystem for the next Generation of Data‐intensive Experiments and Observatories

Funded by the famous Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation, a foundation which focusses to promote research and training in the field of natural sciences; the conference focussed on encouraging discussions among experts from science and industry with young scientists how to meet the challenges of building robust and scalable solutions for the data challenge posed by big data-heavy Observatories like CERN, SKA (Square Kilometre Array), LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope), Einstein Telescope etc., addressing the long-term vision of community efforts for the advancement of fundamental science. The building where we were hosted Physikzentrum (Physics Center) - Bad Honnef has a interesting history associated to it, going back to 1906. Started as a monastery for old-unmarried woman from the rich families, the building has also acted as a household school, business school for women. During the First World War, it also served as a hospital. Later it was converted to a senior citizen's home and as a refugee accommodation after the war. From 1947 onwards it was used by the University of Bonn. The Physics Center was added and opened to the combined estate in June, 1976; sponsored by German Physical Society (DPG).

An APS Physics article was also published later summarizing about the discussions in the conference.