China says it has completed development of third-gen nuclear tech


Echo Xie in this article discusses about a very important progress in nuclear technology which could possibly help the human population to cut it's carbon emissions. She discusses that this can further help China to fulfill their pledge to become carbon neutral by 2060. Also, the design can now be sold to other nations possibly. Called as CAP1400 reactors, the technology is based on US designs an the first two reactors are being built at the Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Plant in the eastern province of Shandong. The article also tells us that " As of August this year, 1,052 patents and 6,513 intellectual property applications had been registered in connection with the technology.". The reactors are designed to last 60 years and are about 100 times safer than with the earlier second-generation technology. One of these new reactors will meet the annual " energy demands of more than 22 million residents and cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 9 million tonnes.".