How to Debate Someone Who Lies

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This article by Richard A. Friedman is an advise piece by him to the Democrat Presidential Candidate Mr. Biden. Trump has time and again proved to be a liar and a person who doesn't play by the rules. Friedman advises Biden to not waste his time fact-checking Trump during the debate. He says that otherwise it might cause Biden to cede control of the debate. He asks Biden to use weapons which put Trump in a defensive position during the upcoming debate and in the process prove to the public that the "president is a dishonest narrator".

As the first weapon Richard asks Biden to use humour and ridicule and supports it by giving an example where protesters dressed as clowns confronted a march for "white power" by throwing "flour" making white nationalists look ridiculous and avoided a violent confrontation. In the next few paragraphs the author examines the reason why Trump lies.

The author finishes by saying

Mr. Biden will have another advantage during the debate: President Trump will not have a live audience to excite him and satisfy his insatiable need for approval and attention, which means he will be even more vulnerable to a takedown.