Indian Court Acquits Hindu Leaders of Demolishing Historic Mosque

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Sameer Yasir in this article discusses about a recent decision in an Indian court where a decision was taken to acquit several politicians (from the currently ruling party of Narendra Modi, BJP). The ploticians were accused of demolishing the Babri Masjid in 1992. The author also mentions that it is "a case that has has long unsettled India and its secular foundations." It is also mentioned that the decision will likely grow an already existing sense of insecurity in the Muslim's of the country. They see it in relation to Modi's effort to turn India into an overtly Hindu state.

The author then tells about India's Supreme Court decision in favor of Hindus, opening doors to built a temple at the site of demolished mosque. Giving a few more details about the demolition, Sammer mentions the unfortunate deaths of over 2,000 people in multiple riots across India. This was one of the worst violence the country has to go since partition in 1947.

The piece goes into the details of the acquittal decision of 32 charged people on the basis that the demolition was "spontaneous" and not "preplanned" and there is no sufficient decision to convict them. It also mentions about denial of BJP's participation in their destruction of the mosque. It also mentions Lal Krishna Advani, a high-profile nationalist leader and a " former Indian deputy prime minister, who in 1990 led a pilgrimage to the mosque, calling for it to be replaced with a Hindu temple". The article further give even more details about the demolition site, Hindu beliefs and the response of few eyewitnesses.