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Complex is better than complicated

Python is a simple yet very strong programming language which has seen an excellent growth over the last decade. It's usage across academic as well as commercial fields speaks volumes about its simplicity and flexibility. It has also emerged as the favorite language for advancements made in the new and exciting fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Language, Quantum Computing and much more. All this is complimented and made easy because of the large number of libraries it has to offer. This also tells us about the large developer community actively working to make Python better by every passing day.

I am an AstroParticle Researcher, working actively with Cosmic Rays. I too use Python for my academic research as well as for some fun projects.

Here, I will share with you a bunch of Medium Notes (via Notion) as well as the fun projects I am working on.

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Medium Notes

This is a collection of notes on a bunch of Medium Posts I like. The notes will be shared via Notion. You can also post comments on the notes.

Making Pandas Faster

Making Pandas Faster

Vectorization to Parallelization

Different approaches to optimize the performance for exploring and working with Data.

Numba: Accelerating Python

Numba: Accelerating Python

Performance of C in Python

Compiler that allows you to accelerate Python code for both CPU and GPU.

Docly Comments:  AI meets Documentation

Docly: AI meets Documentation

Artificial Intelligence-based code documentation

Automatically generates documentation for python code using state-of-the-art natural language processing.

Docly Comments:  AI meets Documentation

Python: 'Literal' Type Annotation

A Python Annotation

Literal types let you indicate that an expression is equal to some specific primitive value.



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